Reflect: Ephesians 1:1


Last night at youth, we introduced ourselves to Paul and talked about how his life shows us God can save anyone. No matter how unlovable, sinful, or messed up you think you are, God is willing and able to free you from your sins and give you new life! The best part is that He doesn’t wait for us to get it right before He saves us. Jesus rescues us first. Then He walks with us, helping us to grow more like Him. He converted Paul in the middle of his sin.


1. Are you overwhelmed with shame because of some sin in your life? If you are in Christ, you are free! Jesus took your shame on Himself on the cross. You don’t have to bear it anymore. Confess your sins to Him, leave them at the cross, and live in the joyous freedom He gives!

2. Do you feel like you cannot be saved because you’re sins are too bad? No one is saved because of their own goodness, but because of Jesus’s goodness. The cross of Jesus is enough to pay for any of our sins. So what are you waiting for? Cry out to Him today, ask His forgiveness, and make Him Lord over your life. There is no greater freedom than this!

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