Shine Your Light

Students, as you return to school this week, here is a quick thought to remember.

You are the light of the world (Matthew 5:14-16).

You are not just going to school. Every day, every thing, in the Christian life is significant. Nothing is wasted. Every moment has the potential to glorify God, no matter how small it seems to us. The second you get on the bus or step foot on your school campus you are surrounded by fellow students who are walking in darkness and need the light of Christ. Good news! That light is in you and God’s plan is for you to show it! It may just be that God wants someone to encounter Him because of your witness. Don’t just survive the school day. Ask God to show you ways to share the light of Christ with others. You are being sent by God into your mission field.

Can you be a friend to someone who is lonely or rejected? Can you encourage someone who is hurting? Can you share what God has done in your life with someone who is lost? Can you walk away when your friends start gossiping? It can even be as simple as inviting others to church or church events, like Winter Jam this Saturday.

It is amazing that God has chosen to use us to shine His light! Don’t keep it hidden.

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