My newest original song is titled “Home.” I have been thinking and writing a lot about Heaven and our future hope lately. I hope you are blessed and inspired by it! The song ends with the chorus of my favorite hymn, Softly and Tenderly (by Will L. Thompson, Public Domain). Click above to listen. Lyrics below. To hear more visit my music page, bradcreech.com/music.


Home, Home

Oh, can you see it

Home, Home

Tell me, can you feel it

We are going home, we are going home

(Verse 1)

Look to the horizon

Can you feel it beckoning

When you see the sunset

The Son of all Glory will come for you

This won’t last forever

It only can get better

Look up weary pilgrim

The Kingdom is coming

(Verse 2)

We do not belong here

They say that we’re just passing through

So rise up from the ashes

Believing He’s making a place for you

We’re living in a strange land

Aliens and orphans

Refugees in His hands

And He will receive us

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