Why Read Christian Books?

I have a confession. It may not be surprising to some. I LOVE books! Not just any books, though. I love soul stirring, faith shaping, theology forming, God glorifying books. Lately, I have found myself wishing I could transfer that love of Christian reading to others somehow. I see how beneficial to the soul it is and how many are missing out on it. So here I would like to give you 9 reasons why I think you should read Christian books and 4 quick tips.

9 Reasons to Read Christian Books

1. You will know God more and gain a better understanding of how He relates to His people and the world.

2. You will know God’s Word more. With books you have access to teaching on just about any Scripture or topic you can imagine.

3. You will be able to learn from some of the greatest Christian thinkers and teachers throughout the centuries.

4. You will see Christian truth applied in cultures and contexts that are different from your own. Although God’s Word does not change, our own understanding can be a slave to our context.

5. You will be practicing the art of feeding yourself spiritually. Good Christian books expound on God’s Word.

6. You will learn how to think deeply and systematically on individual topics. A sermon is designed to cut straight through to the heart and soul of a passage. A book provides the time to break things apart thoroughly.

7. You will develop discipline.

8. You will be inspired by the example of others. This is especially true of biographies.

9. You will be drawn to worship. Some of my deepest moments of worship have been while reading books.

4 Quick Tips

1. The goal is not to read alot of books, but to read good books. Ask your pastor what books he recommends. This will give you a good start and it will probably make his day!

2. Read different categories. My categories are typically theology/doctrine, biographies, and Christian living.

3. Don’t be afraid of the “old dead guys.” Some of my favorite reading has come from people like the Puritans, the Reformers, and 19th century Christians. You won’t regret reading older books!

4. Read primarily for growth. If a book is not challenging you, deepening your love for God, or growing you it is ok to put it down so you can find one that does.

Now what are you waiting for? Get to reading!

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