The Dance

Born to face the fiery pit

There’s nothing I could do

To save myself from that impending fate

Not charity, love, or moral life

Could cover up the debt

That I should pay at Hell’s wide open gate

Still I tried with all my might

Myself, to find a way

Of fending off the dark, imposing curse

So desperately began the dance

One method to the next

Endless, futile strategies rehearsed

Distraction, how I loved that friend

He kept me from the truth

If only I could fly to other things

But when I was alone again

No diversions there to find

My broken, bleeding heart would clip my wings

Religion, how she puffed me up

She made me feel secure

I acted right and followed every rule

I knew my theology

Debated with the best

The darkness in my heart proved me a fool

Pleasure, she played hard to get

She never stuck around

Just long enough to hook you then she’d leave

Her games would leave me thirstier

Than I was before

She would leave me longing for reprieve

I could go on with all the ways

I strived and then I failed

Somehow to avoid the coming wrath

Enough to say it all fell through

I found nothing in me

To set my feet upon a saving path

Then came the bright, revealing light

I finally heard the call

And in the night the cross awakened me

The wrath upon my sins was sure

That did not disappear

But Jesus bore Himself my penalty

So now I’ve set to live against

The pleasures of the world

And seek the Lord of Life who makes me whole

When once I was crushed by the weight

Of my rebellious ways

Now that wide gate can never have my soul

Now I live to tell the truth

Of what became of me

To lead the lost along the saving way

But, how that Devil rages on

To cast my soul back down

And he will rage until the final day

Many, the infirmities

Heavy, all the weight

Satan, that old serpent, casts on me

But Jesus, how that truth remains

If tonight I breathe my last

Come morning I shall wake, Your face to see

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