The Tears That Wet the Soil: A Short Poem From Luke 19:41-44

The tears that wet the soil

Beneath the Master’s feet

Hushed the roaring praises of the crowd.

And calmed the pious anger

Of the prideful Pharisees

Even they refused to make a sound.

They’d cried, “the king has come!”

“The promised one of old!”

“Hosanna, He has come to bring us peace!”

Such joyous praise and song

And triumph in the air

But how is it that Jesus now can weep?

As if he mourned a friend

As if he’d lost someone

He wept like someone kneeling at the tomb.

Jerusalem below his gaze

He cried like he was at her grave

As he began to speak of coming doom.

“If you had only known,” he said

“What makes for peace,” he shook his head

“But now your eyes are blind to what is true.”

“All these days you’ve looked for me

For rescue from captivity

But missed the day I came to visit you.”

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